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The Players

Rabbi Binyomin Edery and his wife Efrat established Chabad of Japan in 1999 in Omori, Ota-ku, Tokyo. They came as pioneers and created the first permanent residence for Chabad in Japan. Over the past 17 years, Chabad of Japan has helped many people find a spiritual home in Tokyo, regardless, of creed or color. From births to bar mitzvahs to weddings, regular Shabbat, holiday and High Holiday services, Chabad is a lively place where everyone is warmly welcomed.

The Work

When the Ederys came to Tokyo with $400 in their pockets, their current place was perfect. Since then, they’ve raised nine children. They have 7,000 members in their congregation. But their work goes well beyond the congregation. Over the years, the Rabbi has been active counselling prisoners, providing emotional and financial support to the needy and offering help during national crises especially during the Tsunami. In August 2016, Rabbi Edery opened the first ever Chabad House in Kyoto, Japan. Imagine their surprise when 150 guests came for the first Shabbat service. Clearly, they need a bigger kitchen table to feed the community’s stomachs and souls. The Ederys have long been dreaming of moving for years, and just recently, the perfect property was offered to them. That’s where we come in.

The House

Built by Czech-American architect Antonin Raymond—a student of Frank Lloyd Wright—this historic home has been owned solely by Jewish families setting down roots in Japan for over 100 years. The owners wanted this tradition to continue, and wished that Rabbi Edery purchase the property for the new Chabad facility.

This spacious corner lot is the perfect place for Chabad to create a new home where people can meditate, relax, connect with themselves, with each other, and with the Creator. The property has enough room for the many guests, study groups, community meals, counselling sessions, and friends from around the world who will be welcomed warmly and unconditionally.

The Ederys will continue to provide delicious free hot kosher meals, hold study and cooking classes, one-on-one learning opportunities, and host a vibrant women’s group with more space. The large corner lot is perfect for creating a healing garden, with its many century-old fruit trees and ample land to grow vegetable and herbs. How rare is such an oasis in Tokyo? Sounds like a miracle.

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It:

The Ederys came to Japan on Chanukah Eve 17 years ago. From day one, they hit the ground running to help their new neighbours. This Chanuka, Chabad of Japan celebrated its 17th anniversary, entering its “Chai” 18th year. They’ve given us so much. This is our chance to give back. They need our help to raise $1 million, or the opportunity will be lost.

Let’s help them grow in this new, sacred space!

Please consider making a contribution to help Chabad Japan find its new home in this special corner of Tokyo.

No amount is too small.

Chabad Japan Building campaign staff